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Political Writings 2013

The RNC's Anti-Trump Agenda Survey

The title of a recent Republican National Committee's recent questionnaire sent by snail mail to Republican Party members is the "Trump Agenda Survey." Is the RNC aware that with that title they're making it clear that they are completely divorced from and non-supportive of the agenda of President Donald Trump? Put another way, they're looking to discover if anything that Trump wants to include in his agenda can in any way be supported by the Republican National Committee without damaging its utterly corrupt, bought-and-paid-for agenda.


The leftist/globalist goal is nothing less than to sabotage a civilized world founded on Judaeo-Christian values. That civilization is rapidly being replaced by an international oligarchy which denounces any overriding value system whatsoever and is bent on seeing the people of the planet return to tribalism.

The Death of Fake News & Barack Obama's Legacy

While it has become obvious that there are many non-events reported as if they actually occurred, the newly minted term "fake news" now extends well beyond mere mis-reporting and selective editing. It's metastasized into a cancer that has made it impossible for most news media to report anything but fake news.

Why We Can't Trust Mitt

Amid the rampant speculation about who Trump will select as his Secretary of State, the one issue on which Trump must focus is his own professed war against the globalist elite. While the pro-nationalist, anti-globalist movement has recently scored critical victories with Brexit and Trump’s election, globalists are not just going to walk away from the fight.

The World, the Flesh, and the Donald

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more perverse, Democrats are finding that voters can see through their "moral equivalency" tactics, so they've raised the bar: Dems are now basing their political strategy on "criminal equivalency." There's no difference between legal activity and illegal activity in Democrats' collective mind.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt

When he's not on the golf course, you'll find our divot-and-pivot president staging yet another public appearance intended to draw attention away from the scandals that threaten his administration. These appearances are characterized by Obama's spewing lie after lie about how more government spending is the key to job growth and financial recovery in an attempt to distract the public from the economic reality more and more of us are living. But while it's long been clear that the president's legislation and policies, from Obamacare to Quantitative Easing, are at the root of our worsening economy, what's finally becoming even clearer is that the Obama-engineered economic stagnation is intentional and not simply the result of his ideology-based economic ignorance.

Obama's Support of Jihad

It is very likely that Barack Obama's undermining of American democracy through his refusal to seal our borders or to engage in a military response that could eliminate ISIS's power in a relatively short time is due to a fact that few are willing to put into words: Our president appears to be on the side of Islamist radicals. He is not willing to do anything meaningful to stop the advance of terrorists whose aim is to impose the religion of Obama's childhood on the world.

Turning the Trump Debate Back to Real Issues

Donald Trump’s “rude” and “vulgar” manner – as disdainful Fox News Sunday panel member George Will insists on labeling it – means he can’t can’t possibly win the Republican nomination, let alone become president. That‘s the conclusion of a fairly significant majority of recent political commentaries I’ve read – despite his increasing popularity as measured by the crowds he draws when he makes a personal appearance and the spike in TV viewership whenever he is interviewed.

I Didn't Read the News Today, Oh Boy

If I had read the news, I would have seen virtually no mention of what I'm about to discuss. There's a reason for that. The earth-shattering headlines that should have graced every front page in America over the past several days were encapsulizations of Barack Obama's traitorous anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-life ideology, which is the core cause of every tragic story that American newspapers will not cover. The president and his corrupt journalistic minions couldn't let that come to light.

Rules of Engagement

Among the most subversive of Barack Obama's tactics in undermining the United States' sovereignty and our position as a world power is his administration's ongoing redefinition of the rules of engagement as they apply to our border patrol agents, our armed forces, and our local police. It seems that for the president, if the rules imposed on those defending our freedom do not put them at dramatically increased risk of losing their lives, and if those rules of engagement do not weaken our position against the enemies of freedom that are at our gates, then they're too strong and must be further crippled.

The Ongoing Advance of the New Terrorist State

We've long understood that Nazis and Socialists represent two versions of the same political philosophy. If they don't start out as dictatorships, governments formed by parties of both persuasions invariably, and rapidly, turn into the equivalent of state-run terrorist organizations. Whether it was the Nazis in Germany staging Kristallnacht in order to advance Germany's genocide against Jews or Stalin's purging of the kulak farmers because of the Communist hatred of anyone whose success disproved their centralist ideology, there's no significant difference in the outcomes when countries come under the rule of either of these two political ideologies.

The Fox News 'All-Stars' Agree: Duck Dynasty Critics Are Right

In what amounted to a disturbing development in the Duck Dynasty debate, Fox News All-Stars Charles Krauthammer, Kirsten Powers, and George Will all came out in favor of censoring comments by such people as Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson on a recent Fox News Sunday broadcast. They further supported the use of leftist values as the basis for such censorship. Oh, they bobbed and weaved, artfully disguising their cave-in to the thought police, but in the end they all agreed: A&E, GLAAD, and pretty much anyone else who wants to, can attack Robertson with impunity, and Robertson would be well-advised to submit meekly as his civil rights were trampled on by what amounts to a leftist flash mob.

Axis Of Obama
What is emerging out of the black comedy of Barack Obama's weakness and vacillation in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria is the revitalization of what President George W. Bush termed the "axis of evil." By allowing himself to become what Ann Coulter charitably describes as "President Putin's bitch," Obama has not only taken yet another step in his purposeful overseeing of the decline of the U.S. as a world power, he has brought about a power vacuum that has seen Kim Jong-un restart his nuclear reactors and Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad grab the initiative as they dictate the terms of the ongoing war for the Middle East.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Debt
When he's not on the golf course, you'll find our divot-and-pivot president staging yet another public appearance intended to draw attention away from the scandals that threaten his administration. These appearances are characterized by Obama's spewing lie after lie about how more government spending is the key to job growth and financial recovery in an attempt to distract the public from the economic reality more and more of us are living.

The True Source Of American Racism
In the wake of the racial firestorm following George Zimmerman's acquittal on charges of murdering black teenager Trayvon Martin, it's necessary to take a closer look at the left's perpetuation over the past 50 years of the use of the issue of race in order to divide America on racial and ethnic grounds.

Obama's Muslim Malfeasance
A political cartoon carried by shows Barack Obama and ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi with their arms about each other's shoulders in a gesture of support and friendship. The cartoon is titled "The Difference," and the accompanying text explains "One is a power hungry despot of a crumbling nation, the other was the president of Egypt." The similarities between Egypt and the United States are indeed disturbing. Where before his ouster former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi pushed through a new constitution which instituted a regime of Islamist tyranny in his country, Barack Obama has done a de facto rewrite of the U.S. Constitution, effectively making America a country under assault by a tyrant who has transformed the rule of law into rule by fiat.

We Have Met the Enemy . . .
In the wake of NSA contract employee Edward Snowden's release of a select number of classified documents which revealed the extent and import of our government's monitoring of the communications of virtually all Americans, the truly extraordinary thing about the scandal that has emerged is that very few people seem to be connecting the dots regarding who the real "enemy" is.

The Obama Administration and the Islamic Principle of Taqiyya
Like the Islamist radicals the Obama administration refuses to label as such, the president and his cohorts subscribe to the idea that the Constitutional principle of the rule of law at the foundation of our country can be exploited as a weakness when trying to overthrow the United States and other western democracies in order to establish Islamist governments around the world. Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and their fellow leftists use their own version of the Islamic principle of taqiyya - that it is acceptable to cheat and lie to infidels in the cause of furthering one's interests - in order to advance their own anti-American agenda.

.Happy New Year, America! What the Obama Victory Really Means
Barack Obama is arguably the most corrupt American president since Warren G. Harding. From Project Fast & Furious to Benghazi, the president is alleged to have known nothing as events were playing out, and even less after they finally came to light. The real problem is that America may well be too far gone down the road toward becoming a fading western capitalistic democracy - as so many European nations already are - to care.

It's the Drugs, Stupid!
In every mass killing over the past two decades, the shooter has been taking powerful mind-altering prescription drugs.

Rogue Cop Christopher Dorner and Prescription Psychotropic Drugs
With the Christopher Dorner case, the role of prescription psychotropic drugs in mass killings has again come to the forefront. Numerous articles have approached the role of so-called "psych meds" in causing depraved and indifferent violent behavior, but one in particular deserves attention because it highlights the fact that among psychiatric professionals there is no coherent understanding of what needs to be done after we take people off of drugs that are prescribed for their psychiatric illnesses.




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