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I Didn't Read the News Today, Oh Boy

July 21, 2015

If I had read the news, I would have seen virtually no mention of what I'm about to discuss. There's a reason for that. The earth-shattering headlines that should have graced every front page in America over the past several days were encapsulizations of Barack Obama's traitorous anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-life ideology, which is the core cause of every tragic story that American newspapers will not cover. The president and his corrupt journalistic minions couldn't let that come to light.

Barely a peep about the death of 32-year-old Kate Steinle, murdered by an illegal immigrant in the sanctuary city of sanctuary cities, San Francisco.

Hardly a word about the death factory called Planned Parenthood which, thanks to the legalization of late-term abortions, has become a production line for human body parts harvested from murdered infants as they're emerging from their mothers' wombs in live birth abortions.

Puzzlement about the motives an Islamist terrorist masquerading as a normal American after he murdered five murder American servicemen stationed in recruiting offices where, as is the case in virtually every military location in the United States, our soldiers are not allowed to carry weapons.

It was shortly before the Empire State Building lit up in green lights as a tribute to the end of Ramadan that Islamist murderer Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez tweeted the Q'uran text "Whosoever shows enmity to a friend of Mine, then I have declared war against him" and went on to murder five American soldiers in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Not only did our media downplay the significance of the event, they insisted that we not call this Islamic terrorism...until we had the evidence necessary to determine that it was in fact Islamic in origin. The FBI concurred, insisting that it was "premature" to speculate on the motive for the murderer's actions.

The Lone Wolf Syndrome has become the latest way for journalists to avoid actually reporting anything remotely resembling the truth about Islamist-inspired murder.

As we watched Kate Steinle's father unable to contain the grief he was experiencing after his daughter died in his arms, a shooting victim of a five-time illegal American deportee who had returned once again to this country, the White House could not muster a mention of sympathy for the victim of a most heinous crime, yet another of more than 120 such crimes during the past few years committed in the wake of the refusal to obey immigration law fostered by sanctuary cities policy and a president who willfully refuses to acknowledge any tragedy that would threaten his open-borders ideology.

In a surreptitiously recorded interview, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood's Senior Director for Medical Services, was overjoyed to be able to spell out exactly how her organization carefully avoided destroying valuable organs as it murdered live babies in such a way as to preserve their body parts to be sold for a profit. She was ebullient as she described which organs were most valuable and how live birth abortions were carried out. Only a few days later, another such video portrayed a senior Planned Parenthood director's effusive comments about "less crunchy" ways to kill live babies as they emerge from their mothers' wombs and her comments on exchanging tissue harvested during live-birth abortions for Lamborghinis.

It brought back the case of Kermit Gosnell's murder of hundreds of babies and several mothers during late-term and live-birth abortions. While insisted that "there is no Gosnell coverup" even as The Huffington Post questioned if the media were ignoring the Gosnell story, the Obama Government-Media Complex did everything it could to make sure the coverage was at worst limited and at best deep-sixed. Obama himself had voted in favor of legalizing partial-birth abortions as an Illinois state senator, and he wasn't about to let morality or human decency enter into the discussion about Gosnell's alleged actions or Planned Parenthood's indifference to them.

Sarah Palin was excoriated in the ugliest way for carrying her Down Syndrome baby to term and choosing to raise him. Her own beliefs were implicitly held worthless by the ugly journalistic and political mobs that attacked her for living in harmony with her own reverence for life. And, of course, the same people who criticized her for letting her son live were quick to criticize her for hunting and killing wild game in the Alaskan wilderness. Palin's persecution for revering human life was seen by the left — and this tells you how lacking in morality and decency the left's positions have become — as one of their finest hours. It was in fact one of America's most shameful.

It doesn't stop with newborns. The very political forces that behaved so intolerantly of Sarah Palin's freedom of choice are putting us on the path to allowing them control over how we end our lives, another denial of life Palin had predicted in 2009 would result from the passage of Obamacare when she coined the term "death panels."

And while Democrats defended death panels as only "educational," death panels have recently reared their ugly heads again. With the resuscitation of the debate, it can't be long, very possibly in the lifetimes of people already in their 60s, until public opinion and the counselors who outline the possibilities for euthanasia will become persuaders.

Democrat Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon made clear that the enactment of end of life counseling was not passed by constitutional means with these words:

"While we are very happy with the result, we won't be shouting it from the rooftops because we are not out of the woods yet."

By not out of the woods he means, "We haven't snuck this policy past the American people yet, and we need to keep our mouths shut until it's so firmly entrenched in the American psyche that people will forget that it was enacted by stealth and not with the people's consent."

Only when health providers become death persuaders will the left have truly realized its morbid purpose and further revealed the death masks lurking behind their countenances.

Four thousand holes in the news today. Now we know how many holes it takes to fill the White House.


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