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The Obama Administration and the Islamic Principle of Taqiyya

May 30, 2013

Like the Islamist radicals the Obama administration refuses to label as such, the president and his cohorts subscribe to the idea that the Constitutional principle of the rule of law at the foundation of our country can be exploited as a weakness when trying to overthrow the United States and other western democracies in order to establish Islamist governments around the world.

Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and their fellow leftists use their own version of the Islamic principle of taqiyya - that it is acceptable to cheat and lie to infidels in the cause of furthering one's interests - in order to advance their own anti-American agenda.

It is precisely the shield of taqiyya behind which Eric Holder insisted under oath that he was never involved in the decision to prosecute Fox News journalist James Rosen, when less than two weeks after he'd made the claim under oath it was revealed that Holder himself discussed, reviewed, and approved the Justice Department's pursuit of Rosen as a "criminal co-conspirator."

In this light, the reason that recent headlines, even from conservative commentators, have missed the point becomes much clearer. Here's an example: A recent New York Post piece by Michael A. Walsh is titled, "How Does Holder Survive?"

The real question, and by extension the real headline, is "Why Is Eric Holder Not In Prison?"

One can hope that the president and Holder must soon occupy the bed of lies they've made. Despite how obvious it is, conservative journalists and columnists seem unable to give voice to the fact that Obama and Holder intentionally lie in order to protect their agenda. As a result, they are unable to ask the appropriate questions that the current circumstances demand. Perhaps it has something to do with the conservative press's sportsmanlike insistence on not "jumping to conclusions" before all the evidence has been presented.

All the evidence? Since when has "evidence" - let alone providing it truthfully - been anything the Obama administration's operatives have been concerned with?

As the unfolding of the events of the Benghazi murders, the James Rosen persecution, and the IRS scandal are revealing, we're arguably dealing with the most deceitful, subversive, and ideologically corrupt administration in our nation's history.

We're dealing with an administration populated by radical leftists and Islamist sympathizers like the president and Holder who sneer at our Constitution and by extension at the naiveté of those of us who assume that somehow the key operatives of the Obama administration honor and respect it.

Like the proverbial fish that rots from the head, the Obama-inspired governmental putrefaction has reached down from the Oval Office to such operatives as IRS agent Lois Lerner, whose fingerprints are all over the savaging of the constitutional rights of anyone naïve enough to name his or her 501-C3 corporation with words close to, even remotely resembling, "Tea Party," "Freedom," or "Liberty."

Lerner told the committee she was innocent, then admitted she had lied when she said she wouldn't testify because to do so would put her at risk of incriminating herself. After that she stood up and walked out of the hearing right past federal marshals who should have been ordered on the spot to arrest her on Contempt of Congress charges, even though she, like Obama and Holder, is guilty of the far worse crime of Contempt of the Constitution.

Subsequently, after refusing to resign from her job she has since been granted "leave" from her position with full financial compensation. According to IRS employment policy, it's likely to take more than three years to remove Lerner from her position, and, more importantly, to relieve taxpayers of the burden of paying yet another corrupt federal government worker not to work.

It is precisely the taqiyya-based Contempt of the Constitution and not Contempt of Congress that is the charge so many Obama administration operatives are guilty of.

In perpetrating their lies, the president and Holder hide behind the shield of "granularity." The more "granular" the information demanded, the more likely the president and his subversive advocates are to be able to stall through their implicit assertion of their taqiyya rights any sort of legitimate investigation of this administration's anti-American policies and practices.

During the investigation of Holder's involvement in the Fast and Furious operation, Chairman of the House Committee On Oversight & Government Reform Darryl Issa was time and time again denied by Eric Holder and his protectors the documentary information that should have been provided by the Attorney General.

It promises to be no different with the current James Rosen/Fox News investigation. Issa will demand information; Holder will not provide it or will provide false information. Holder, despite the revelation that the Attorney General himself vetted the Rosen search warrant, simply ignores Issa's requests and mouths platitudes - read "taqiyya-justified lies" - about journalistic freedom that he himself likely rejected early on as he burnished his subversive radical leftist resumé.

Issa, as do so many conservative, law-abiding citizens, assumes that a majority of Americans agree with him that the Constitution and the rule of law must be adhered to.

In fact, both Holder and Obama have demonstrated time and again their support of the Islamist radical agenda and their flouting of Constitutional law. Both have been so fundamentally indoctrinated into the leftist/Islamist political philosophy through their education and the ministrations of their political mentors - Holder once participated in the armed takeover of the former Columbia University ROTC office - that the disdain for the U.S. Constitution and the political philosophy it articulates to which they are irrevocably committed means that they are unqualified and unable to carry out the responsibilities which their positions in our government demand.

Obama and Holder are not only not qualified to occupy their present federal offices, they are arguably candidates for imprisonment under any law that recognizes that the United States is at war with Islamist jihadists and that Barack Obama and Eric Holder are complicit with the enemy.

It's time we expressed our Contempt of Taqiyya by speaking the truth about those who use this doctrine in order to subvert the very country they're charged with governing.



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