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The Ongoing Advance of the New Terrorist State

February 18, 2015

By Greg Lewis

We've long understood that Nazis and Socialists represent two versions of the same political philosophy. If they don't start out as dictatorships, governments formed by parties of both persuasions invariably, and rapidly, turn into the equivalent of state-run terrorist organizations. Whether it was the Nazis in Germany staging Kristallnacht in order to advance Germany's genocide against Jews or Stalin's purging of the kulak farmers because of the Communist hatred of anyone whose success disproved their centralist ideology, there's no significant difference in the outcomes when countries come under the rule of either of these two political ideologies.

And now, with Islamist terrorist organizations taking over large swaths of territory in the Middle East and North Africa, and with Muslim no-go "communities" having established the European foothold from which the terrorists who show up wherever Islam establishes even the most tentative presence can begin their assault on Europe from within, Europe is on its way to becoming the new Nazi Germany.

Because the socialist governments that have become established throughout Europe welcome Muslims with open arms, perhaps sensing they're kindred spirits with the Islamist-terrorist fellows they're allowing to overrun their countries, Europe has broadened into a Jew- and Christian-hating bed of lies that has more in common with the political movement it took the US to defeat in World War II than it does with anything that resembles the collection of Democrat republics the continent could and should have become after we came to their rescue.

No longer does it take only the despicable actions of those who follow a religion based on hatred and conquest to strike out against Jews and Christians, whose religions are the foundation of western humanist values and culture. While it was Islamist radical terrorists who staged the Charlie Hebdo killings, other anti-Jewish activities such as the Paris delicatessen murders, the murder of four people in a Brussels Jewish museum, the Denmark freedom-of-speech killings, and the vandalizing of Jewish cemeteries, although they still remain "isolated" incidents, now make it seem as though the rest of Europe is catching on and moving toward broad acceptance of anti-Semitism.

As Drudge publishes the headline "Jew Hell In Paris" and ISIS moves forward to establish itself in Libya, Barack Obama golfs while the European countries a short Mediterranean Sea boatride away from direct terrorist action face imminent attack by the forces of ISIS. As they'll find out, in this case it won't be simply against Jews.

In the wake of these events, Obama, ostensibly the Leader of the Free World, has become the Leader of the Me World.

Journalists who formerly represented the free press, their IQs having been knocked down 20 to 25 points simply by dint of the indoctrination into liberalism's fallacious principles they received at the gulag universities they attended, now mold their writings into a "narrative" that reinforces the stupidity and the corruption of the emerging cultural and political dictatorships that now characterize the free world.

I hear political pundits and talk-show hosts talking about how it's Obama's narcissism that underlies his decisions and policies. Others insist that it's the president's "misunderstanding" of the US Constitution. Still others explain that Obama has an intense personal "dislike" of Bibi Netanyahu. In fact, while on some scale all of the above are true and all play a small part in our president's policies and actions (or lack thereof), there's a single thing that lies at the heart of what's gone horribly wrong with the United States Government: Barack Obama is an Islamist terrorist sympathizer.

It appears that Obama didn't miraculously escape Lenin's curse: "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." While it appears that Obama may never have technically been a "practicing Muslim," as Daniel Pipes explains, according to numerous biographical accounts, he attended a Muslim school and studied the Koran. This fact may well lie at the heart of his hatred of Israel and his disdain for the principles of life, liberty, and happiness that inform not only the United States but the very western civilization that our president is bent on undermining, if not destroying altogether.

No matter what decisions he's made, no matter what indecision he's shown, they're two sides of the same coin: They're designed to eliminate support for western democratic principles and to advance the cause of the Islamist hordes that seek, like their Crusader ancestors, to overrun and crush, not simply Christianity and Christian civilization, but the forces of freedom and liberty that are fundamental components of western civilization.

Obama's decisions make it clear whose side he's on. First, there was his willful inaction as the Iranian Green Movement rose up against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after the 2009 elections in Iran. That was followed by his insistence that Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, a pro-US, pro-Israel dictator, must be ousted, followed by his subsequent support of Egyptian Islamist dictator Mohamed Morsi, and his subsequent refusal to support yet another potentially pro-Christian, pro-Israeli Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Further, we've witnessed Obama's transparently pro-Islamist indecision to let Iraq slip away without a Status of Forces agreement that would without question have prevented the ISIS takeover of large areas of Iraq and Syria and the murder and enslavement of innocents now taking place as ISIS advances in the name of Islam. We watch, often without so much as a sympathetic comment by the president, as ISIS' staged murders of innocents through burning and beheading are made public as part of the terrorists' program to recruit others as grotesquely ugly and inhuman as they themselves are.

While the United Nations and the US House and Senate vacillate between engaging in meaningless debate and issuing statements that barely scratch the surface in representing the deplorable actions of a growing Islamist minority bent on fomenting another world war as part of their "final days" crusade, the president is happy to watch the Middle East and North Africa burn in the name of weakening America's position in the region and the influence of western democracies around the globe.

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