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February 17, 2017

A graph of the U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate since 2009 that represents the dramatic decline in the number of people who are in the workforce looks like a downhill slope designed as a challenge to U.S. Olympic gold medal skier Lyndsey Vonn.

And a map of Syria and Iraq that shows areas not controlled by national governments looks more like the pattern on a tie-dye tee-shirt than anything remotely resembling two nation states.

What Barack Obama helped engineer over the past eight years in the United States and in African, Middle Eastern, and European nations created a global economy on the brink of collapse and a return to defining societies not by national borders but by smaller territories: no-go zones claimed and defended by tribal and ethnic groups, interest groups, and sanctuary advocates.

We’re witnessing a world that is devolving according to the design of leftist and globalist elites, and Barack Obama has established their headquarters two blocks from the White House.

The leftist/globalist goal is nothing less than to sabotage a civilized world founded on Judaeo-Christian values. That civilization is rapidly being replaced by an international oligarchy which denounces any overriding value system whatsoever and is bent on seeing the people of the planet return to tribalism.

Exuding white guilt, EU member governments step aside, choosing to watch cultural savages rape and pillage their way into Europe rather than protect their own citizens. In Obama’s borderless America the same thing is happening, though it is ignored by news media and political analysts beholden to the globalist titans who continue to define and control the journalistic narrative.

While Donald Trump is a true champion of the people of the United States and the world beyond, and while Brexit and Trump’s election are resounding victories against the borderless world that is the goal of globalists, Euro leaders and Democrats, the battle has turned into interest-group warfare against anything resembling the reestablishment of true nationhood.

The diversity nightmare is playing out in the United States and throughout Western Europe as leftist-globalist government policies demand that we “accept” people of other cultures even when they neither understand, nor practice, nor support western democratic values. As one commentator explains, “‘Diversity’ is not ‘our strength’; it’s a source of weakness, tension and disunion.”

From the [Only] Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S. to the wanton Muslim rape culture that is manifesting in Western Europe to bought-and-paid-for thugs who attack those engaging in their constitutional right to freedom of speech at political rallies, champions of diversity have worked behind the scenes to unleash the forces of chaos on the people of America and the civilized world.

The result is that the war we are fighting is broken into dozens of skirmishes, overshadowing the big picture of what is really happening.

Don’t get me wrong: There’s no way we will ever be able to explain to leftist Democrats that the past eight years have seen the crumbling of the U.S. economy, a foreign policy which provided support for every terrorist group and country in the world, and domestic policy that ignored U.S. law.

But in the absence of globalist-led, useless-idiot Democrats’ ability to understand that their actions and their purpose are criminally subversive, it is up to President Trump to successfully create and implement the executive orders by which he can begin restoration of the rule of law and the return of civil order.

The delays and forced resignations have been imposed on his cabinet appointees, in some cases with Republican support, along with Sean Spicer’s difficulty in carrying out his job duties, Trump now faces an increasingly difficult job in carrying out his agenda against saboteurs.

Given one commentator’s assessment of the ongoing fight as a “clear, black-and-white, good-versus-evil showdown,” there is this that must be gleaned from Trump’s reactions to several minor and likely temporary losses:

"Trump must use his revolutionary direct-to-the-people platform and approach to constantly focus our attention on the war and not on the incessant diversionary clashes instigated by globalists and Democrats who are nothing less than our mortal enemies."

Making America great again might have to wait. Saving America from the ongoing sabotage must be the first objective of the Trump presidency and the policies and laws he creates.


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