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Happy New Year, America! What the Obama Victory Really Means

January 1, 2013

Barack Obama is arguably the most corrupt American president since Warren G. Harding. From Project Fast & Furious to Benghazi, the president is alleged to have known nothing as events were playing out, and even less after they finally came to light. The real problem is that America may well be too far gone down the road toward becoming a fading western capitalistic democracy - as so many European nations already are - to care.

In light of the so-called "fiscal cliff" negotiations, the question of Obama's true intentions toward the United States come into stark relief.

First: Eight-, nine-, even ten-percent-and-rising unemployment is exactly what Obama wants.

The extension of unemployment benefits the president is negotiating as part of his fiscal cliff spending increase package has nothing to do with helping those without jobs.

Like his administration's policy of encouraging more and more people to take foodstamps, the extension of unemployment benefits is part of his true aim: To bring America under the thumb of a soviet-style dictatorship where government controls American citizens to the point of reducing as many of us as possible to living subsistence-level lives in the name of "fairness."

And the fact that America is moving toward becoming a nation of $8-an-hour part-time workers because of the enormous labyrinth of new anti-business regulations Obamacare is bringing into being? It's exactly what Barack Obama wants.

The middle class has always been the enemy of the political left, and it's no different with Obama. The underclass and the überclass is what it's all about, and those in the middle are heading toward the bottom.

It's exactly this political division that was his goal all along. And the fact that voters who are dependent on the government and who buy into the Democrats' perverse idea of, for instance, what women ought to be and what they should want out of life are now part of the Obama majority . . . I'm betting the president is OK with that, too.

Because truly healthy, moral, independent women, married or single, are something no leftist dictatorship can countenance. Real women could bring this government down next month if they stood together for the principles that have made America a great place for women to live and work.

Economic growth at the level needed to pull us out of the current economic malaise and stave off the coming depression is the last thing Obama wants to see. More American high-paying jobs is the furthest thing from the president's vision of America's future.

His record-pace regulations agenda is a perfect example: On the day after Labor Day, 2012, the Obama administration posted 165 new business-crushing regulations and notifications on the website In the 90 days before that, it had posted 6,125 new regulations and notices.

Among the new regulations is one that ups the required flying time to become a commercial airline pilot from 250 hours to 1,500 hours. It's Obama's way of attempting to destroy the airlines industry as he is the energy industry.

By the middle of the new year, we're likely to see the beginning of a shortage of airline pilots serious enough to reduce commercial flights to the point where you might have trouble booking a ticket and airline revenues will begin to spiral downward, even as the price of flights goes through the roof.

This, however, will not result in a reduction of the number of TSA screeners, who, as unionized government employees, are guaranteed lifetime jobs and medical and retirement benefits at a colossally unsustainable level.

With John Boehner continuing to veer back and forth from disturbing sycophancy (Mr. President, "we're ready to be led") to his "incomprehensible" faux conservatism ("Everything is on the table," but tax hikes are "off the table" and "Without significant spending cuts and reforms . . . there will be no debt limit increase"), and with the president promising to veto any legislation that doesn't include tax hikes that have no effect on our nation's insolvency, we're beginning to understand that we're not simply at the edge of the fiscal cliff, we're well over it and on our way down, gaining speed according to the law of failing economies, a law no Democrat will ever understand.

The chances that Obama will do anything different - from his obtuse and illegal non-submission of budgets, to his ignoring what little sound economic advice has come his way and his insistence on improving unionized government workers' compensation and benefits even as those of private sector employees fall precipitously - are nil.

He's intellectually incapable of even the most rudimentary understanding of economics, and even if he were his ideological blinders would make it impossible for him to recognize how they might be put to constructive use.

The corruption, the divisiveness, the economic stranglehold this administration is imposing on America will continue unabated, given Republicans' inability to make a coherent and meaningful case against it, and the virtual impossibility of getting such a case implemented even if they could articulate it.

The next four years promise to be a time of hunkering down as jobs continue to retreat overseas where tax policy is more favorable to business growth. They promise to see Americans' standard of living continue its decline as more and more of the president's policies are implemented.

With no legitimate congressional check on the president's power, we can only hope that someone like Marco Rubio emerges to lead the Republican party forward on a conservative path while presenting the message in a way that makes it clear that we're no longer striped-pants Republicans but a party that can lead all of the people of this country - even those who don't understand that they need to be led - out of the abyss into which Barack Obama has caused us to plunge.


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