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Political Writings 2012

Happy New Year, America! What the Obama Victory Really Means
Barack Obama is arguably the most corrupt American president since Warren G. Harding. From Project Fast & Furious to Benghazi, the president is alleged to have known nothing as events were playing out, and even less after they finally came to light. The real problem is that America may well be too far gone down the road toward becoming a fading western capitalistic democracy - as so many European nations already are - to care.

The Real Danger of the Obama Campaign Strategy
You know Barack Obama is crook and a failure and unfit to be president, and I know Barack Obama is a crook and a failure and unfit to be president, but do a majority of American voters know Barack Obama is a crook and a failure and unfit to be president?" In other words, the big risk in this election is thinking that a majority of Americans see the presidential race as we conservatives see it, that they're as disturbed by the tone and tactics of the Obama campaign as we are. But if we take a closer look at what most Americans - liberal and conservative - are seeing, it should be a wake-up call to us.

Juicing the Polls
Among the most astonishing things that have happened in the past few months is the dramatic change in political affiliation among the citizens of so-called "swing states." Polling released yesterday by the CBS/New York Times/Quinnipiac College triumvirate indicates that based on the sample selected to participate in a recent Florida survey, 12 percent of Sunshine state voters have switched their political party from Republican to Democrat . . . in only three months!

What If Oil and Natural Gas Are Renewable Resources?
President Barack Obama and his green energy confederates are determined to push several ideas about the supply of oil on the planet that bolster their attempts to destroy energy production that relies on so-called "fossil fuels." If we accept the idea that oil is produced by the conversion of organic matter - from plants to dinosaurs - under extreme pressure, we must also accept the idea that there is a limited supply of oil and that we've got to do everything we can to find a replacement for fossil fuels before we run out. The evidence is mounting that, not only do we have more than a century's worth of recoverable oil in the United States alone (even if there is a limit to the earth's oil supply), we actually have a limitless supply of "Texas tea" because oil is in fact a renewable resource that is being constantly created deep under the earth's surface.

Is Obama Intentionally Leaking Classified Information In Order To Undermine U.S. National Security?
By now, we understand that Barack Obama, the most political president in U.S. history, is going to "spike the ball" regarding U.S. military and intelligence successes every chance he gets. But given his reckless and irresponsible record of making classified information public, we have to wonder if his real purpose is in fact much more subversive than gaining a political edge. We have to ask if Barack Obama's real intent is to weaken U.S. military and intelligence capabilities and in the process compromise our national security.

Obama Lies, American Soldiers Die
The facts about two important military policy decisions, both of which compromise our armed forces' ability to do their jobs and which put American soldiers' lives at further risk, have finally begun to emerge. Both the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the military drawdown in Afghanistan were sold to lawmakers and the American public through the Obama administration's lying in order to achieve its apparent ends: weakening America's military strength and compromising our chances for military success.

Forget Sexting, Obama's Guilty of 'Nexting'
In a rare moment of clarity, President Obama said this about the need for Anthony Weiner to resign in the wake of the New York Democratic Congressman's sexting scandal: "When you get to the point where, because of various personal distractions, you can't serve as effectively as you need to, at the time when people are worrying about jobs, and their mortgages, and paying the bills - then you should probably step back.'' The problem is, Obama is following the same path as Weiner has followed. The difference is that the distractions to which the president has fallen prey are more serious than those Weiner is guilty of, and the lies he's told trying to avoid facing responsibility for pursuing those distractions are much more damning and destructive than those Weiner is accused of. Where Weiner is guilty of sexting, Obama is guilty of nexting.

Barack Obama's 15 Minutes of Fame
In 1970, George Winne, Jr., achieved his Warholian 15 minutes of fame by setting himself on fire on the campus of the University of California, San Diego, to protest the war in Vietnam. These days you can achieve the same notoriety if you've done nothing more than bronze yourself to a deep pre-cancerous glow like tanning addict Patricia Krentcil. Or, you can take things several steps further by doing your best to destroy the U.S. economy, fraternize with the Islamic enemy, and cripple the American energy industry. Add in advancing the cause of bringing our country under the rule of a big-government, crony-capitalist elite by dividing America into warring minority demographic groups in the most blatant manner imaginable, and you've got Barack Obama's claim to his 15 minutes of fame.

Teach Your Children Well
Contrary to what Barack Obama and others of his ilk would have us believe, there are many reasons America works. Among them is that we're a capitalistic society. Capitalism, while it is hardly free from excess, is the one economic system that enables anyone, no matter what his ethnicity or his origins, to create his own means for making a living.

Obama's Pre-Election Assault on Latinos and Hispanics
When the polls swing in Romney's direction, Eric Holder and the Obama campaign swing into action. Rather than address the administration's economic and foreign policy plays that have doomed the economic recovery and led the world into political turmoil in the absence of American leadership, they attack states' attempts to remove illegitimate voters from their rolls. At the same time they're enabling the population of voter rolls to swell with illegal Hispanic and Latino immigrants, Obama and Holder continue to defraud this demographic by attempting to conceal their roles in Operation Fast & Furious, the policy that allowed high-powered weapons to be "walked" from the U.S. into Mexico.

Obama Revives Jim Crow
The Jim Crow era was, as Thomas Sowell points out, a time when "courts [made] decisions based on the race of the defendants, rather than the facts of the case." In the Trayvon Martin case, the "court" is the court of public opinion, one in which both the media who side with and protect the president and the president himself are the perpetrators of a new iteration of Jim-Crowism. They're re-introducing this ugly practice into the public arena by quickly, before any evidence pro or con has been allowed to surface and be vetted, making inflammatory comments based on their biased assumptions that no white person could possibly be within his rights to use a gun against a black person in an incident such as the one that occurred between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

Faux Feminism: Democrats' War On Women
The events following public relations professional Hilary Rosen's unimaginably ill-advised assertion that Ann Romney "never worked a day in her life" have created nothing less than a firestorm for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Although it appears that Rosen's words themselves were spontaneous, the faux war on women that Rosen is helping to orchestrate for the Obama administration by claiming it's Republicans who are the guilty party represents an important front in the left's and the Obama campaign's more general war on America.

Democrats' Legislative Snuff Film
Given what used to be called the unintended consequences of so many Democratic legislative initiatives, we have to ask if in fact it might be Democrats' intention to kill as many Americans as they can through "legal" means. You know, American car manufacturers create new models of very light automobiles to satisfy congressionally mandated CAFE mileage standards and kill tens of thousands of Americans who bought these automotive equivalents of ultra-light aircraft and discovered the hard way that they provide no protection at all in a crash. Leftist legislation has essentially legalized murder in so many cases that you have to wonder if they're not surreptitiously carrying out the homicidal intent of their ideological forbears, tyrants like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.

Romney: Pre-Empting the Left's Coming Attacks
Romney is beginning to shift his focus away from what he needs to do in order to gain the nomination to what he needs to do to get his and his Party's message out as the Republican nominee. A significant component of that task will be to prepare, not just to counter from a defensive stance the Democratic onslaught against his record that is sure to come - his Republican challengers have certainly given us a preview of what that might be in their attacks on Romney - but to aggressively address his "issues issue"; that is, what have been characterized as his flip-flops on everything from health care to environmentalism. In addition, he must seize on issues that undermine Obama's presidency and relentlessly attack the president on them.

Untangling the Republican Delegate Mess
It is possible that Mitt Romney might not get the requisite number of delegates before the Republican National Convention is held in August, but that's looking more and more unlikely as the primary season grinds on. Because it could happen, though, here's a review of the "delegate math," as well as a look at how it might be skewed by the tangled web of rules spun by the Republican Party and the flouting of those rules by a couple of key states.

There Once Was a Student Named Fluke . . .
I understand that Sandra Fluke (trying to remember what her name rhymes with . . . it'll come to me) has risen rapidly up the charts of the attorneys who scout law schools for likely candidates in the upcoming Department Of Justice annual lawyer draft. It's similar to the National Football League's player draft, but potential DOJ draftees don't have to go through a combine that measures their skills and strengths as college football players do. All they have to do to attract the attention of Eric Holder's DOJ scouts is make outrageous statements about how U.S. taxpayers should pay exorbitant fees for contraception for America's most privileged collegians.

Obama's Ideology-Driven Presidency
Barack Obama stood in the demilitarized zone between South and North Korea and stared through binoculars at the remnants of a country. He was dumbfounded as he looked northward at the barren wasteland that a communist dictatorship had created. It was as if he was seeing for the first time what the word "communist" means. He sounded more like a 7th-grader than the president of the United States as he marveled, "It is like you are looking across 50 years into a country that has missed 40 or 50 years of progress."

Soledad O'Brien, Ted Patrick, and the American Educational Gulag Archipelago
You're probably aware of CNN news anchor Soledad O'Brien. You may even have seen her utterly befuddled by the idea that Obama's association with Harvard Law professor Derrick Bell might present the same set of difficulties as the president's affiliation with other anti-American radicals such as Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. What O'Brien herself doesn't realize is that she's been brainwashed, victimized by a cult that recruits its members from society's intellectual elite with the promise of a high-quality education and lucrative post-college employment, indoctrinates them into a belief system that eschews traditional morality and rejects the notion that economic reality matters, and looses them on an unsuspecting American public after they finish their undergraduate and graduate work at prestigious Ivy League colleges and universities.

Beware of Geeks Bearing Grifts
Even as production of the Chevy Volt is suspended and 1,300 Government Motors workers laid off, I'm waiting for Obama to truly pay tribute to the phony-science grifters that have become such an integral part of his administration by staging the first Chevy Volt presidential motorcade, where friendly Volts replace the ominous black bus in which the president has previously traveled while campaigning. I can envision the Volt Procession moving slowly down Pennsylvania Avenue away from the White House. The president is scrunched down in the back seat. (Do these homely little creatures - they seem closer to giant insects than to automobiles - even have back seats?) The president and the Secret Service are hoping no Islamist terrorists - pardon me, inadvertent perpetrators of man-caused disasters - have the temerity to attack the parade.


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