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Is Obama Intentionally Leaking Classified Information In Order To Undermine U.S. National Security

June 4, 2012

By now, we understand that Barack Obama, the most political president in U.S. history, is going to "spike the ball" regarding U.S. military and intelligence successes every chance he gets. But given his reckless and irresponsible record of making classified information public, we have to wonder if his real purpose is in fact much more subversive than gaining a political edge. We have to ask if Barack Obama's real intent is to weaken U.S. military and intelligence capabilities and in the process compromise our national security.

First, more than one source regarding "the decision" to assassinate Osama bin Laden indicates that Obama himself did not make the call to go ahead with the plan. Instead, it was "a coup within Obama W[hite] H[ouse]," with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta pushing for the go-ahead and finally commandeering the decision process. Obama was called in off of the golf course and told that the operation was proceeding.

After the decision was made and ascribed to the president, after the president's image watching the event unfold was captured for posterity, and after the operation succeeded, the Obama administration immediately announced to the world precisely how the attack was carried out and that it was carried out by Navy SEAL Team 6, information that should never have been made public.
In sports it's called "gravy-training": latching on to the success of another player or group of players in order to grab some of the glory for yourself.

Some three months later, more than 20 Navy SEALs were killed when their slow-moving Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. This tragic event triggers many questions, among them, Why were so many of our elite troops transported in such large number on such a vulnerable aircraft in the first place? But beyond that, Was the troop helicopter's location/flight plan leaked to the enemy by someone in the Obama administration? The president has never so much as ordered an investigation into the largest loss of Navy SEALS - most of whom were members of SEAL Team 6 - in a single operation in U.S. history.

Obama's perfidy doesn't stop there. To the president's dishonor, his administration abandoned Shakil Afridi, the Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA track down Osama bin Laden. Afridi was paid by the CIA to run a vaccination program in Abbottabad, the city in which bin Laden was holed up, as a cover for his providing us with valuable intelligence. A few weeks after the bin Laden killing, Afridi was arrested by Pakistani intelligence. He was later convicted and sentenced in a tribal court to 33 years in prison, ostensibly because of his connections with an Afghani warlord but in fact because of his role in outing bin Laden and conspiring with U.S. intelligence.

The Obama administration had failed to put in place a plan to enable Alfridi, a hero to the American cause, to be evacuated after he had aided us in assassinating bin Laden, and Alfridi's resulting arrest and conviction send a strong message to others considering helping the U.S. to overcome the forces if Islamist terrorism: Obama is not to be trusted. Simply put, the administration's negligence, intentional or not, has put into question the U.S. commitment to standing with its allies in the fight against Islamist terrorism, and thus further compromises the integrity of our military and intelligence capabilities.

Beyond their reprehensible activities after the bin Laden assassination, the Obama administration has been justifiably accused by former UN Ambassador John Bolton of intentionally leaking top-secret information about Israel's having been granted access to airfields in Azerbaijan that would give them a launch site for attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities that would mean much shorter and manageable flight routes and would help insure the success of such missions. Bolton was clear that the leak was "part of the administration's campaign against an Israeli attack." The leak also represents another in a history of rebuffs to Israel and the Israeli cause against Iran that have included snubs of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in March, 2010, and May, 2011. Put together, our actions toward Israel call into question Obama's commitment to defending democracies against our shared terrorist enemies.

The Obama administration also leaked highly classified information about an infiltration of al Qaeda by British Military Intelligence Section 6 (MI6). The leak was very possibly made again in order to "spike the ball," to demonstrate that the president is on top of a war on terror that he himself will not even call by name. In this case, the leak revealed that a second "underwear bomber," this one using much more sophisticated explosives than the first, had been thwarted. In his call for an investigation, Congressman Peter King (R-NY) explains that the life of a "unique intelligence source" was put in danger, the operation was forced to be aborted before it had realized all of the potential benefits, and that it - once more - compromised a vital U.S. intelligence relationship.

The pattern of these egregious compromises of what must be understood as fundamental intelligence security practices does not merely reflect the actions of a sophomorically unsophisticated president who is simply unable to suppress his glee at his own success. It's much more serious than that.

The president's handling of our intelligence policy and practices might well reflect the fact that Barack Obama is, on some level, implementing his own plan to undermine U.S. military and intelligence services and in the process weaken our nation's ability to defend itself against a terrorist enemy for which he harbors secret sympathy.

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