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Soledad O'Brien, Ted Patrick, and the American
Educational Gulag Archipelago
March 13, 2012

You're probably aware of CNN news anchor Soledad O'Brien. You may even have seen her utterly befuddled by the idea that Obama's association with Harvard Law professor Derrick Bell might present the same set of difficulties as the president's affiliation with other anti-American radicals such as Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers.

What O'Brien herself doesn't realize is that she's been brainwashed, victimized by a cult that recruits its members from society's intellectual elite with the promise of a high-quality education and lucrative post-college employment, indoctrinates them into a belief system that eschews traditional morality and rejects the notion that economic reality matters, and looses them on an unsuspecting American public after they finish their undergraduate and graduate work at prestigious Ivy League colleges and universities.

It was really quite embarrassing to witness O'Brien's inability to comprehend what's going on in her interview of Editor-in-Chief Joe Pollak. It's also interesting to note that video of that interview has been removed from the web, most likely because its continued presence might well have been a career-ender for O'Brien, so distraught and incompetent did she prove to be in handling the interview.

O'Brien kept repeating "I just don't get it" regarding why most of us thinking people regard the video footage as confirmation that Obama shared and still shares Bell's racist, anti-American ideology. In the video of Obama introducing Bell, Obama asks the question "How did he [Bell] do it?" How did Bell rise to the position of Harvard Law School professor? Obama claims in the video that Bell's ascent was the result of his "scholarship." In other words, Obama didn't get it.

Thomas Sowell did get it. In a video clip aired on Hannity's Fox News Network show on March 9, Sowell explains that Bell was essentially given a social promotion to the role of professor at Harvard Law School, even though he was woefully lacking in credentials. As Sowell explains, Bell admitted as much himself. From this unearned perch in the academic aerie, Bell proceeded to wage war against white people via his "critical race theory." In other words, what O'Brien didn't get was the fact that the late Professor Bell was another in a long line of racist, America-hating mentors and associates of the president.

O'Brien herself is a Harvard graduate (she attended Harvard from 1984 to 1988 and returned to finish her degree in 2000), although she does not have a law degree as Barack Obama presumably does. It's hardly a wonder that she's unable to maintain any objectivity in the Derrick Bell matter; to do so would require that she be deprogrammed and have to start all over again orienting herself to the world around her.

That's where Ted Patrick comes in. Patrick is the father of "deprogramming" people who have been victimized by cults. Patrick teaches them how to think and, ultimately, to confront the fact that they have been brainwashed. Deprogramming enables people to see what's happened to them and to reason their way out of the captivity imposed on them by cults.

Indoctrinees into the cult of liberalism - as Soledad O'Brien obviously is -are encouraged not to think or reason but to accept liberal dogma as truth, then go out into the world and spread the cult's message. Keynesian economics, the elevation of racial and "gender" minorities to unearned positions of power simply because of their minority status, and giving up one's individuality and sense of personal responsibility are among the primary tenets of the cult of liberalism.

In addition, liberal cult members are primed to accept the notion of a messianic leader. In the current case, that means they find no problem elevating Barack Obama to those heights. Liberal indoctrinees, as Obama himself has remarked, share a tendency to faint frequently when attending the president's personal appearances.

To get back to the grainy video of a college-age, mini-Afro'd Barack Obama introducing Bell: I agree with O'Brien that in and of itself the video is nothing to write home about. The underlying issue is, though, that liberalism indoctrinees like Ms. O'Brien are not simply unwilling to vet Obama and his mentors and associates, they're incapable of it. If you don't faint - or express incredulity as O'Brien did at the fact that some people worry about the fact that Obama is a radical leftist and American media refuse to vet him - you're likely to be branded an infidel and sent to an emotional re-education camp. These re-education camps are dangerously similar to the Ivy League colleges and universities that make up the U.S. educational gulag archipelago, where students are indoctrinated into the leftist ideology by "teachers" such as Derrick Bell who hold the students' success in their hands according to the grades they assign them based on how well they can parrot liberal untruths.

Soledad O'Brien is certainly the new poster child for expressing the appropriate disdain when a leftist leader is attacked. She's also the prime example of why America needs a new Ted Patrick today more than ever.

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