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Beware of Geeks Bearing Grifts
February 29, 2012

Even as production of the Chevy Volt is suspended and 1,300 Government Motors workers laid off, I'm waiting for Obama to truly pay tribute to the phony-science grifters that have become such an integral part of his administration by staging the first Chevy Volt presidential motorcade, where friendly Volts replace the ominous black bus in which the president has previously traveled while campaigning. I can envision the Volt Procession moving slowly down Pennsylvania Avenue away from the White House. The president is scrunched down in the back seat. (Do these homely little creatures - they seem closer to giant insects than to automobiles - even have back seats?) The president and the Secret Service are hoping no Islamist terrorists - pardon me, inadvertent perpetrators of man-caused disasters - have the temerity to attack the parade.

Secret service men ride along in tractor-trailers ahead and behind the president's Volt. It's a fairly long ride they have ahead of them, so each of the tractor-trailers is loaded with a number of the diminutive vehicles. Every 25 miles or so, the motorcade stops so the president can be shoehorned out of the vehicle he's riding in and transferred to another Volt with a fresh battery. The hope again here is that the battery of his car doesn't decide to explode for no good reason before the president has transferred to another vehicle.

Michelle and her entourage hover overhead in seven military helicopters, gazing down, aloof, bemused.

The president's display of allegiance to the Volt is his way of thanking the throng of grifters that his largesse with our money has spawned for their involvement in businesses supporting his clean energy initiatives. Along the motorcade route these presidential cronies stand. There's a small group of Solyndra executives applauding Obama discreetly for not having his Attorney General prosecute them for taking taxpayer-funded grants even as it was going bankrupt. They're especially grateful that we taxpayers are so forgiving that we'll be underwriting their bonuses, even though they granted themselves the extra cash as their company bought the wind farm, so to speak.

And there, nodding his approval as the presidential motorcade passes, is Philip Falcone, the former president of Harbinger Capital, the outfit that funded LightSquared. Obama went out on a limb for Falcone, trying to coerce an Air Force General into perpetrating a lie in a classified briefing to federal legislators that would have put our troops on the battlefield in harm's way so that LightSquared could gobble up bandwidth needed for military communications and use it to their own ends. Obama, a former investor in SkyTerra, the precursor to LightSquared, wanted to make sure that his fellow grifter Falcone didn't suffer financially because of a misguided concern for the safety of our military.

The president of LightSquared, Sanjiv Ahuja, couldn't attend the motorcade. He was busy drafting his resignation after having been outed for making a contribution of $30,400 to the Democratic National Committee on the very day his attorneys were scrambling feverishly to get him an audience with Obama's chief technology advisor, Aneesh Chopra, as negotiations for approval of LightSquared's disputed bandwidth were moving forward.

The gaggle of griftopreneurs that has gathered around Barack Obama is stunning for several reasons, foremost among them that it's almost unprecedented in American history that a president intentionally reward grifters for their contributions to shoring up companies built on phony science and compromising our national security, which policies are designed with only one end in mind: to boost a takeover of the U.S. like the one that is currently being staged by the Obama administration.
Not that similar things haven't happened elsewhere before.

During Stalin's reign in Russia, T.D. Lysenko floated a muddy and unsupported theory of plant development which, among other things, held incorrectly that environment - and not genetics - was the critical factor in determining the length of time it would take a specific type of food plant to mature. The theory was applied widely in the Soviet Union during the late 1920s and the 1930s in an attempt to improve the productivity of then-recently collectivized Ukrainian farms.
When farmers were ordered to make two consecutive plantings of food crops in a single season, the resulting crop failure saw as many as five million kulaks (as the peasants singled out in Stalin's brutal collectivization strategy were known) die of starvation. An additional five million Soviet citizens perished because of the precipitous drop in agricultural production that resulted from Stalin's application of Lysenko's theory. Up to that time, the kulaks were the best and most productive farmers in the Soviet Union.

We're witnessing the same process at work as Obama props up policies based on the idea that we've got to eliminate fossil fuels and replace them with "green" technologies to save the planet from the ravages of global warming. Never mind that the planet's temperature has been declining for more than a decade as sunspot activity - the real determiner of climate change - has lessened over that period to the point where we're threatened not by global warming but by another mini-ice age. T.D. Lysenko was a willing accomplice, lending the use of his illegitimate theories to Stalin's murderous cause in much the same way the promoters of the phony "science" of global warming have jettisoned real science for political power.

The Chevy Volt is one of the Obama administration's Lysenko-esque creations, based in this case on corrupt global warming science that, if it is taken to the ends the president would like to see, has the potential to create devastating effects on our country - including poverty and starvation on a broad scale - similar to those Lysenko's did in Russia under Stalin.

A Volt motorcade would be fitting testament to Obama's grift to America: Dramatically reduced energy production thanks to policies that rely on corrupt climate science to shut down our oil industry, coupled with his putting our military at risk - all while lining the pockets of geeks bearing grifts.


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