The most ass-kickin' writer to come along
in a decade!’

-The NY Times

Glad to see you're getting it right.!’

-Karl Rove


Political Writings 2007

Identifying the Real Terrorists
Attacks on our troops in Iraq are down by more than three quarters in just the past three months. I'm speaking of attacks by Democrats, of course. Indeed, so good is the news out of Iraq regarding the success of General Petraeus's troop surge that the terrorists are beginning to turn tail and run. Again, I'm speaking of the Democrats.

Terrorism By Proxy
Observing the way Democrats at every level continue to try to undermine America's national interests by any means possible gives us to understand that, deep down, where it really counts, left liberals - including a majority of Democratic state and federal legislators - are engaged in nothing less than terrorism by proxy.

Out of the Mouths of Democrats
Like the babes of the original quote paraphrased above, Democrats seem to be totally innocent of the implications of their rhetoric. Unlike those same babes, however, the truth that emerges from Dems' mouths rather reflects the emptiness of their positions than some sort of legitimate information about how the world works.

Subpoena Envy
Contempt of Congress? Du-uh! What else could you possibly have for a body of lawmakers whose majority members can't even articulate a legislative agenda and so must pursue the only other activity, issuing subpoenas, they can think of that might possibly gain them legitimacy in the eyes of their ever more left-leaning constituency.

Democrats' Protective Coloration
Like many species of plants and animals in nature, Democrats further their survival - actually, in this case, they cling to life rather precariously - by disguising their true identity. This protective coloration consists primarily in presenting themselves as promoting a humanitarian agenda when in fact they cover up the truly sinister deeds they long to commit.

The Left Goes In the Tank For Its Political Agenda
Well, you certainly can't tell the players without a scorecard these days, politically speaking, at least. That goes double for important legislative concerns.

Big oil. Big Pharma. Big Ag. Big Deal!

The Human Cost of the Democratic Legislative Agenda
Where is That '70s Show's Red Forman when you need him to put his foot in somebody's ass? The collective "somebody" I'm referring to are Federal Democrat Congressman and Senators.

Bimbo Diplomacy and the Democrat Agenda
As amateurish and ill-advised as Nancy Pelosi's highly publicized meetings with the leaders of Israel and Syria were, the real problem with her recent disastrous foray into diplomatic territory normally reserved for experienced hands at the State Department is that she might not be smart enough to realize what a blunder she's committed.

Global Warming: The Ideal Diversionary Issue for the Left
It would have been impossible for me to imagine if I hadn't experienced firsthand liberals' insistence that man is the cause of the current miniscule warming trend that seems to be occurring on our planet.

It Takes a Village Idiot
It's been quite a chore to keep up with the forays and feints the Democrats have offered over the past few weeks in the ongoing war for the hearts and minds of the American electorate regarding America's strategy in the War in Iraq.

Perhaps Terrorists Really Do Speak for Islam, and For Dems As Well
The time has come to consider, not whether it is Islamo-fascists who are waging war against the United States and Israel, but rather whether it is Islam itself that is waging war against us.

Dems Have "Issues." All Right
So predictable are Democrats' responses with regard to fundamental issues such as war and taxes and the judiciary that you generally know in advance pretty much what they're going to do and say when things reach a fever pitch.

The Expansion of Islamic Jihad
It's about time we stopped expecting Muslims to behave like westerners and faced up to a few significant facts: Islamic jihad is not going away any time soon, and it's not just radical Islamists who are waging it.

Phlogiston, Protoplasm, and Global Warming
You may have heard of "phlogiston" and "protoplasm." Like "global warming," they're pseudo-scientific terms used to describe phenomena scientists can't explain.

Economics For Demmies
To say that liberal Democrats don't understand the market economy is like saying Hitler didn't understand the Jews. Indeed, Democrats never met a free market they didn't want to eradicate from the face of the earth.

The War In Iraq and Bush's Legacy
The overwhelming issue, whose outcome will determine both Bush's and Rumsfeld's political legacies, is the Iraq War. As Bush recently said in a press conference, "I didn't think it would take this long to win the war in Iraq."


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