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Political Writings 2003

Acceptable Anger
It used to be that, if you were an angry young man, you could make a career of it, especially if you were a playwright or novelist in England during the 1950s and early '60s.

Darwin Takes Out the Trash
In the final analysis, the war we're fighting against an enemy that perpetrated a horrible atrocity on our country is not about tolerance of other religions or political systems; nor is it about maintaining some sort of status quo which will enable the UN and countries like Germany, Russia, and France to keep their lucrative trade deals with the planet's dictators. It's about survival.

The War In Defense of the Human Spirit
Looking back we can see that, in the political sense, it was not a done deal that the United States and its capitalist economic system and its championing of human rights and religious freedom would prevail during the 1950s and '60s.

The Politicization of Anger
The justifiably angry left has gradually become the cynically angry left as the positions, values, and tactics employed to legitimate ends in the19'60s became ossified over the next several decades.

Jimmy Carter and the Dark Side
The ineptitude of the administration of President James Earl ("Jumma") Carter seemed to me for a long time simply to be what happens when you put a bumbling, indecisive naif in a position of serious power. Lately, however, I've come to see the dark side of Jimmy Carter, and let me tell you, it's not only ugly and disgusting, it's pathologically dangerous.

Laffing All the Way to the Bank
Let's start with this to put the economic situation in perspective: Add up the annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of all the Middle Eastern nations and you'll come up with a number that wouldn't make a pimple on the bottom line of a healthy U.S. tax cut.

Peace For Oil
Can the Iraqi people, who have been under the rule of Saddam Hussein's tyrannical regime for decades, be required to repay Iraq's international debt after Saddam is removed from power?

When Worldviews Collide
In a New York Times Op-Ed piece, CNN Executive News Director Eason Jordan recently made the disturbing revelation that the network had suppressed news of Iraqi brutality in exchange for permission to keep its Baghdad office open.

Liberal Fatwa: How the Left Deals With "Infidels"
The Christian or Jewish equivalent of an Iman's issuing a fatwa would be your minister or your priest or your rabbi telling the congregation that "it is your obligation to kill John Smith on sight because he has made statements against our religion."

A Modest Multicultural Proposal
In the interests of promoting multiculturalism, I'm going to suggest that, instead of creating a monocultural, diversity-denying environment for the Islamist prisoners at Guantanamo Bay by providing them only Muslim chaplains, we also provide them instruction by Christian and Jewish chaplains. We might even throw in a Buddhist or a Hindu while we're at it.

Truth Will Out
Some 600 imbedded journalists are bringing to America and the world, as the consummate war journalist Ernie Pyle wrote, "the war of the homesick, weary, funny, violent, common men who wash their socks in their helmets, complain about the food, whistle at the Arab girls, or any girls for that matter, and bring themselves through as dirty a business as the world has ever seen and do it with humor and dignity and courage."

The Bully Syndrome
It is still amazing — and not a little bit repugnant — to think of the diplomatic shenanigans our President has felt it necessary to go through in order to get the United States to the place where it feels justified in the eyes of the "international community" in launching a so-called "pre-emptive" strike against Iraq.

Sins of the Father
A widely circulated rumor that has to date miraculously not been picked up by one of the "major" news networks or the New York Times declares that financial institutions of which President Bush's grandfathers were part had dealings with Nazi sympathizers prior to World War II.

2004? Bush . . . in a Cakewalk
I have to think that the liberal media are envisioning some sort of karmic sins-of-the-father debacle that will seal the fate of those damned imperialistic, God-fearing, do-gooder Republican conservatives once and for all.

California Politics: What's Not to Like?
Let's see . . . Arnold was photographed nude by Robert Mapplethorpe, he's groped women for personal gain, and he's engaged in group sex. What's not to like?

Dems and "Street Cred"
A great deal has been made recently about whether or not certain athletes have what is known as "street cred"; that is, credibility on the "street," in the "community," with "people."

Just How Smart Is Karl Rove, Anyway?
Bush's team has failed to communicate its overall strategic plan for rebuilding that country, the importance of Iraq to future stability and the reduction, if not elimination, of terrorism in the Middle East and around the world, and, on a related front, the good news about the domestic economy.

Wes the Baptist
I have no doubt that before the November 21 filing deadline for the New Hampshire primary, we'll be describing a certain Democratic Presidential hopeful's actions thus: "And he came to them, saying, 'After me will come one who is more powerful, one whose Gucci sandals I am not fit to carry.'"

By What They Seek to Destroy Shall Ye Know Them
As we've seen throughout the past several years, members of the Democrat Party in the United States have constantly attacked and sought to denigrate positive initiatives put forth by conservatives.

Nukes For Food
As Saddam Hussein did, Kim Jong Il seeks to implement an international trade agreement, supervised by the United Nations, which will allow him to exchange the source of his country's wealth for food.

Let Libs Try Saddam Hussein
So many left-liberal commentators and pundits are jumping in with opinions about what should be done with Saddam Hussein that, according to my sources, the idea has been floated at two major networks to televise a trial in which a panel of politicians and media types are actually given the chance to cross-examine the former Iraqi dictator during his trial.

It's Not Easy Being a Liberal
How can liberal Democrats possibly support the conflicting agendas of all the minorities that make up their "base?" Let's examine what it means to be a liberal 21st-century America.

Growing Desperation on the Left
Opinion polls consistently indicate that about two thirds of Americans think George W. Bush is doing a very good job as President of the United States. This not only drives Democrats and other Left/Liberals crazy, it leads them to behavior that is silly and exaggerated even by Democratic standards.

Present Danger
While I don't necessarily disagree with liberals when they conclude that "bosses" who have gotten off scot free when their companies are found guilty of environmental pollution many years after the fact, let me say right here that this may be the first instance in recorded history in which a liberal has ever actually said that someone should be held accountable for his or her actions.

Random Observations on the War
One of the striking things about the events in Baghdad on April 9 was the fact that there were virtually no women in the streets in any of the images of the day of Iraqi liberation.

Liberal Code Words
Those on the left have, in fact, staked out something of a franchise with regard to conservative code words, and they use the designation to discredit Republican and conservative ideas at every turn.

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